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Article: Why You Should Use a Mask Brush

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Why You Should Use a Mask Brush

Face masks are all the rage these days, and with good reason — they provide a variety of skin benefits and are easy to use. As masks have become more popular, a trend in mask application has also risen. Mask brushes are now pretty much ubiquitous, and any mask user worth his or her salt is keen on adopting them. There are quite a few advantages to using a mask brush like professional estheticians, and if you’re interested in getting the absolute best mask applying experience, you should give a mask brush a try.

It’s More Hygienic

We don’t really have to tell you that sticking your fingers into a mask jar is not quite sanitary. Even if you thoroughly wash your hands, some bacteria can still enter and contaminate the product.

With a mask brush, you don’t have to worry about accidentally contaminating the product, allowing the product to last longer and bring more benefits to your skin as a result.

You Will Save More Product

When you apply a mask with your hands, you ultimately use more product than necessary. And the rest pretty much just goes to waste. With a mask brush, you can control how much product you use and make sure you’re using just the right amount. After all, when you’re spending top dollar, you want to be certain that you’re getting your money’s worth, and this is much more likely to be the case with a mask brush.

Applying the Mask Is More Seamless

Application of the actual mask is easier and more efficient with a mask brush. For one thing, you are able to use the brush’s ergonomic design to your full advantage by making sure you cover every square inch of your face, including hard-to-reach areas like along your nose and nostrils. On the other hand, the process also feels soothing and relaxing as you glide the brush along your skin, resulting in an experience much like you might get at a professional spa. This can also go so far as to help with stress relief. Overall, the entire experience can be heightened when you use a mask brush as opposed to your hands.

Clean-Up Is Easier

This can be a big bonus for many people, especially considering how messy some types of masks, like charcoal and clay, can get. Instead of having to scrub off your fingers and hands after application, all you have to do to clean a mask brush is to rinse off the bristles. Not to mention, thicker masks are most likely to become embedded under your fingernails, and that can be almost impossible to remove.

The Professional Masque Application Brush

This luxurious, precision mask brush has angled bristles to give you a smooth, even application that won’t waste product. For best use, deposit a dime-sized amount of the mask onto a clean plate, then use the brush to scoop it up and apply all over your face, neck and decollete.

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