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Article: The Evolution of Face Masks over the Past 100 Years

Evolution of Face Masks

The Evolution of Face Masks over the Past 100 Years

It’s not uncommon for some people to stop and think about the history of beauty face masks. Where did they originate? And why have they become so popular now? For thousands of years women, and even some men, have been applying unique and customized mixtures of natural ingredients to their faces in the pursuit of blemish-free skin.

Over the past 100 years, however, facial masks have become a staple in daily and weekly skincare routines around the world. Ingredients used during the earlier years were not always healthy, and sometimes included dangerous ingredients such as lead and radium. However, by the 1960s, natural and much safer ingredients such as flowers, honey, and clay were becoming more commonly used - and many of these ingredients are still used today!


100 Years of Face Masks 

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Hydrating and Refreshing Your Skin

As we learned more about natural ingredients and how they could benefit the skin, face masks evolved by leaps and bounds. In today’s skincare market, it’s not hard to find dozens of different masks that can cater to your unique needs. Many individuals suffer from dry skin, especially during the wintertime, so finding a mask that replenishes moisture to your skin is important.


A huge variety of masks are made to refresh your skin with moisture from the inside out, and these may include peel-off masks, clay masks, or combinations of multiple masks. Let’s take a look at some popular hydrating masks you can find here.



Masks that Remove Impurities

Throughout the day, impurities can accumulate on and under your skin. These impurities and excess oil can make your skin look aged, clog up pores, and generally make your skin less radiant and more dull. You can even find a mask that helps reduce the likelihood of acne breakouts.


A great way to remove a range of skin impurities is through the use of resurfacing and exfoliating masks. Long before beauty masks became more commonly used around the world, Cleopatra used clay, donkey milk and other ingredients of that time to keep her skin blemish free. The exact same idea remains today, only it uses a variety of different ingredients.


Some of the best masks for clearing your pores and removing excess oil build-up can include:



Erasing Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Blemishes

Wrinkles, fine lines, laugh lines, and other trouble spots have been plaguing facial skin forever. While there is no magic wand you can wave to make it all disappear, there are a range of masks you can use to help smooth fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Sheet masks, gel masques and other masks with restorative ingredients can not only help your skin look years younger, but can also soothe red and damaged skin through the use of clinically proven hydrating and restoring ingredients. You’re sure to find a mask that will work for you, and some of the most effective ones to consider are:




Despite some of the questionable ingredients that may have been used in facial masks throughout history, a variety of masks have become a staple in today’s skincare routine. Many ingredients used in masks over the past one hundred years, such as eucalyptus leaf oil, fruit extracts, and rosewater, remain a popular ingredient in modern masks today.


You can replenish your skin’s moisture from the inside out, target wrinkles and fine lines, or exfoliate your skin with a gentle peel off mask. Regardless of your skin type or the trouble spots you wish to target, there are masks made for you. If you’re not sure what mask is best for you, try the Skin Quiz for some recommendations or check out our Masks 101 guide.


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