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Article: Skin Routines for Every Climate

Image Outdoors - Skincare for your Climate

Skin Routines for Every Climate

‘Tis the season to go outdoors.

With COVID-19 limiting our travel and keeping us indoors, 2022 has ushered in a new phase. The great outdoors.

Whether you’re jet-setting off to a much-needed vacation or simply hosting more outdoor events and activities, it’s the season for getting out.

Climates vary by region and by season, so it can be difficult to know what your skin needs at every stage. Never fear, that’s where we come in!

We’ve saved you the trouble of researching what’s good “skincare by climate,” or what skincare set or regimen will keep your skin healthy throughout the season. Our experts have got you covered.


The Relationship Between Climate Zones & Skincare

According to National Geographic, climate can be defined as: The long-term pattern of weather in a particular area.

So whether you need more information on your home region or you’re in the middle of traveling (or moving), the first step is to evaluate the region’s dominant weather patterns.

Your skin sheds tens of thousands of skin cells every day. We are constantly evolving.

Now add climate changes to that.

Your skin and its needs will change on the daily. So stay well-informed, learn about your climate zone and build the skincare routine that works for YOU.



Tropical climates are the most predictable climate zones on earth. You can always anticipate warm, humid temps and a consistent flow of heavy rainfall. They are located near the equator and have temperatures varying from 68 degrees to 91 degrees.

Pro: This climate is high in humidity, making it ideal for trapping moisture in your skin and preserving elasticity.

Con: High humidity can also cause excess moisture and poses a challenge for oily skin types. As this climate is located close to the equator, sun exposure is very strong. Making sunscreen an absolute, everyday MUST.

How To Treat: Skincare for tropical climate requires a high-quality sunscreen good for everyday use, products with lightweight formulas and brightening serums to amplify that tropical glow.

Suggested Products: A great sunscreen is essential in this climate. Our Prevention+ daily matte moisturizer SPF 30 is an excellent solution, with a hint of citrus sure to keep the tropical vibes going. Last but not least, this skin moisturizer has a mattifying effect to help combat the excess moisture of this vibrant climate.


prevention plus sunscreen

Dry or Desert

Dry climates are the regions with the lowest rainfall and precipitation on earth. They are known for high temperatures and low moisture. There are two types of dry climates: arid and semiarid. These climate zones are often characterized by mountains, as mountains block warm, humid air from entering the region. Temperatures in this climate can reach up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pro: Low moisture in the air means a low amount of excess moisture for your skin. Great for oily skin types.

Con: Low moisture can mean less elasticity in the skin and much less natural hydration.

How To Treat: Desert climates often have extreme temperatures, especially when it comes to heat. This means that your skin will require products that provide balance and hydration.

Suggested Products: Skincare for desert climate requires powerful products to help balance and restore. Enter our bestselling IMAGE MD® restoring power-C serum to the rescue. This high-performance serum combines vitamin C and ferulic acid to restore, firm and brighten your skin. The hyaluronic acid complex is also optimized to lock in hydration - perfect for a desert climate.


IMAGE MD Power C Serum Vitamin C 

Mild or Temperate

Mild climates all have a season of cold weather. Although the intensity of the winter can vary by region, these climate zones typically have warm, pleasant summers followed by a cold spout. These climates also have consistent rainfall throughout the year and are often ideal for hurricanes.

Pro: This type of climate is the most ideal for your skin. There are often no extremes in temperature. This helps create a safe and mild environment for your skin to have balance.

Con: Next to no cons! Sometimes we can settle into our routines and neglect trying new products. Always be improving and evolving.

How To Treat: These climate zones are great for establishing a well-rounded, curated routine. A classic cleanser, serum and moisturizer that work well for your skin can be consistently used with little change in your regimen. Skincare for temperate climate is low-maintenance and can easily meet your everyday needs.

Suggested Products: Our ILUMA® intense brightening exfoliating powder is a great suggestion for mixing up your routine and sprucing up your face with a bright and vibrant glow.


ILUMA exfoliating powder



Continental climates are most known for their intense seasonal changes. They are the middle ground between mild and polar climates. There are three climate zones in continental: cool summer, warm summer and subarctic. This particular climate only exists in the Northern Hemisphere of the globe.

Pro: Each season will have its own benefit. Winters are more dry and apt for oily skin, while the fruitful summers create lush environments full of moisture.

Con: Drastic changes mean you always have to be-at-the-ready for every seasonal change. This is a climate that requires you to know your skin and know it well.

How To Treat: A comprehensive skincare routine is essential in this climate. Stay prepared for every season with everything from a moisturizing sunscreen to a brightening serum to combat dullness. Products that are also high in antioxidants can help your skin stay strong against environmental change.

Suggested Products: A mask can be valuable in this type of climate by providing a reset for your skin amidst all the fluctuations from season to season. Check out our ORMEDIC balancing gel masque which helps to restore balance with soothing botanical extracts and organic aloe vera.


ORMEDIC balancing gel masque


New to masks? Want to see some other options? Learn more with our Masks 101 where we breakdown what masks do, how to use them and much more.


Come Rain or Shine, Create a Skincare Routine That’s Got Your Back

Change is inevitable. Seasons come and go, and our needs change. Our skincare routine is no different.

Honor the differences from climate zone to climate zone and find what products work best for YOU. Shop our suggested products TODAY and let IMAGE be your one-stop-shop for all your skincare needs – no matter the weather.


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