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Article: How to Tackle Maskne


How to Tackle Maskne

By Cameron Cooper, LE, Guest Blogger

 “MASK REQUIRED TO ENTER”: This messaging has become commonplace in public spaces as we navigate the current pandemic. While wearing a mask or face-covering in public is thought to be the best way to reduce the spread, it has started an unwanted trend in the skincare industry known as maskne.


What is maskne?

Maskne is a form of acne caused by excess oil, dirt and sebum trapped between a mask and the skin. These unwelcome breakouts happen after wearing a mask for extended periods (or one that isn’t cleaned frequently). The skin cannot breathe properly, which creates a breeding ground for bacteria to become trapped in your pores.


What can I do about maskne?

A great way to address maskne is to maintain a consistent morning and evening skincare routine. While this has always been a recommendation from skincare professionals, it is even more essential now, when we are all wearing masks daily.

I also recommend applying a purifying mask, like I MASK purifying probiotic mask, to help decongest the skin. The blend of green clay and charcoal helps to remove excess oil, impurities and dead skin buildup that can clog pores. It also works to detoxify and promote balance in stressed skin.

Make sure to regularly wash reusable masks and change disposable ones as frequently as possible (and don’t forget to cut the ear straps before disposing of your mask to help protect wildlife!).


The maskne kit - a complete 3-step regimen $99

Our esthetician curated skincare kit just for maskne. This 3-piece set includes:

  • the MAX facial cleanser
  • CLEAR CELL restoring serum
  • I MASK purifying probiotic mask

Maskne Kit


Another maskne rescue remedy

If you’ve maintained a consistent routine but are still struggling with breakouts and irritation from constant mask-wearing, try adding I RESCUE post-treatment recovery balm to your daily regimen. Developed by a plastic surgeon with irritated skin in mind, this soothing, aloe-enriched balm creates the perfect hydra-barrier to reduce friction from masks rubbing against the skin.

 I RESCUE is formulated with soothing aloe, along with chamomilla recutita extract to provide moisture and plant stem cell extracts to help protect and revitalize the skin. This blend of ingredients works to nourish and condition aggravated skin. I RESCUE’s skin barrier recovery complex provides soothing comfort and helps to reduce the appearance of redness.


How to use I RESCUE

After you’ve completed your morning cleansing routine and applied serum and moisturizer with SPF, apply I RESCUE to the affected areas. Bonus: This balm can be re-applied throughout the day as needed to help soothe the skin.

 It is uncertain when our new normal will shift. Maintaining your health and safety with the committed use of a mask and a dedicated skincare routine will provide you with all the protection you need to combat the effects of maskne.


 Cameron Cooper

Cameron Cooper is a licensed esthetician, model and entrepreneur based in Maryland and the Washington, D.C. metro area.

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