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Article: Removing Halloween Makeup: Tricks to Treat Your Skin

skincare products to remove Halloween makeup

Removing Halloween Makeup: Tricks to Treat Your Skin

Halloween is coming soon, and if you’re planning bold makeup to complement your costume, protecting your skin is crucial. Not only can Halloween makeup be hard to take off, but it can also take a toll on your skin.

In this guide, we'll explore how to safely remove Halloween makeup and bring your skin back to its naturally lovely state. Plus, provide suggestions for products to enhance your glow through the holidays and beyond. 

1. Double Cleanse

Even if you're exhausted after a late-night masquerade, don't skip this crucial step. Double cleansing is a must for getting skin squeaky-clean after sweaty workouts, liberally applied sunscreen and yes, Halloween makeup. That said, it’s important to pair the appropriate cleansers to avoid irritation. We looked to the IMAGE Pros to recommend the most effective products to bring skin back to its un-scary state.

Our Double Cleanse Power Duo consists of two powerful products. These products effectively cleanse the skin by removing all makeup, oil, dirt, and impurities.


Take your first pass at removing Halloween makeup with the I BEAUTY refreshing facial wipes. These towelettes grip the skin’s surface and gently sweep away makeup, grime and impurities. Follow up with the AGELESS total facial cleanser to penetrate deeply into pores and remove all traces of residue.


For those with more sensitive skin, for the first cleanse, opt for our waterless BIOME+ cleansing comfort balm. It melts away makeup while preserving the skin’s protective barrier via fermented squalene and nourishing plant oils. It's a complete deep cleanse that replenishes, soothes and leaves skin dewy-soft. Apply to dry skin and massage for 1 minute, then tissue off or rinse with water.


For the second cleanse, our ORMEDIC® balancing facial cleanser restores and refreshes skin by gently foaming away any residual impurities, leaving skin soft, hydrated and clean. The nourishing complex features organic aloe vera and botanical extracts to soothe delicate skin. Plus, the satiny texture and subtle watermelon scent are a sensorial bonus.



2. Effective Exfoliation

Halloween makeup can seep into the skin, clogging pores which make them appear larger. Combat this with gentle exfoliation.

Our ILUMA® intense brightening exfoliating powder is suitable for all skin types and mild enough for daily use. This water-activated powder will polish your skin, remove dead cells, and help unclog pores. It can also remove the remnants of makeup that are hard to spot.



3. Moisturizing is a Must

Highly pigmented Halloween makeup can dry out skin, making it appear dull and fatigued. Moisturizing is a must to keep skin hydrated after removing this type of makeup.

The IMAGE Pros know your ideal moisturizer is a personal thing, largely dependent on your skin type and condition. To discover the best products made for you, take our Skin Quiz and receive pro-curated recommendations within minutes.

4. Revitalize with a Mask

The next step to revitalize skin post-Halloween makeup is applying a nurturing mask. The VITAL C hydrating enzyme masque is a favorite for delivering double-duty hydration and exfoliation. It's perfect for soothing skin, especially sensitive types that may become irritated by heavier Halloween makeup.


Our I Mask hydrating hydrogel sheet masks are great for quickly hydrating and refreshing skin. They contain hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and antioxidants to revive thirsty skin in just minutes.



5. Nourish with a Serum

Last, complete your post-Halloween skincare routine by applying a serum to give your skin an extra nourishing boost. Our VITAL C hydrating anti-aging serum is our top choice and bestseller for many reasons. It softens wrinkles, supports skin elasticity, refines the complexion and leaves skin feeling perfectly hydrated. Plus, the orange citrus scent is a treat in itself. 


6. Pamper Your Eyes

    After any celebratory evening, eyes deserve a little extra love. Once you’ve cleansed every trace of your Halloween makeup away, pamper tired eyes with IMAGE MD® restoring eye masks. These hydro-gel masks contain caffeine, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid that deliver a boost of hydration to the delicate eye area. Their clear, flexible design gently hugs the undereye to lock in the masks’ benefits, infusing moisture and soothing skin to restore a well-rested look.

    7. Remove Body Makeup With Ease

    Halloween body makeup can be even trickier to remove. In the shower, start by applying coconut oil to a washcloth with warm water to naturally break down the paint and give your body a douse of moisture. Next, apply the BODY SPA exfoliating body scrub to cleanse and gently slough off any remaining pigment. For a final touch, apply the BODY SPA rejuvenating body lotion to moisturize and soothe your skin fresh from the shower.   




    In Conclusion

    This Halloween, feel free to conjure your most creative makeup skills and enjoy the holiday. Follow these steps to safely remove Halloween makeup and restore your skin to its natural beauty. Taking care of your skin is important for a natural glow that surpasses any costume. It's not just a luxury, but a necessity. Halloween might be the night you can let your inner demon loose, but you should be back to your normal self the next morning.


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