An Update From Dr. Pradnya Apte

As I stepped out of my cab on a chilly, though beautiful, Monday morning, I saw the Premier Model Management signs on the glass door. I did a little dance inside as I knew this was an opportunity that many dream of — and I was the lucky person to have a chance to meet some of the world’s most beautiful faces and treat them. I was treating the models’ skin with the coveted Oxygen Lift Facial from the wonderful IMAGE Skincare — a brand I fully endorse, have supported since 2014 and personally love — in readiness for London Fashion Week.

The Oxygen Lift Facial is an enzyme-based facial that gently illuminates and exfoliates the skin so the skin gets a glow with zero downtime, which was perfect for the models as they were getting ready for London Fashion Week and their skin was in need of a bit of TLC.

The facial starts by using a gentle milky cleanser that lifts impurities off  the skin, and then an enzymatic facial peel is applied after the cleanser is removed. By massaging into the skin, the dead skin cells start to lift off with no redness. The skin is then cleansed and the ‘fizzy’ part of the facial is applied. Upon application, it starts to foam and the skin feels all tingly. It is then removed after five minutes or so and then a stem cell enhancer is applied, which stimulates the collagen-building cells. Finally, a tinted moisturiser that contains SPF to protect the skin post treatment is applied.  The result is smooth, glowing skin that’s ultimately red-carpet ready!

I treated a lot of models, both male and female, over my time at Premier Model Management (some were very famous), but I took it in stride. I had huge support from IMAGE Skincare and my Business Development Manager Charley, as well as the fabulous team at Premier Model Management who popped in every now and then to take some photos for social media and see what I was up to. My time at the model agency from start to finish was a whirlwind, but I have to say it was very well-organised and I can honestly say that I had an incredible time. To be given an opportunity like this was something that I could only dream about. I also found it interesting to get brief insight into how much work goes in behind the scenes to get the models ready for London Fashion Week. I would like to thank Premier Model Management for allowing me to come in and treat their models’ skin. It was a genuine pleasure! And of course to IMAGE Skincare for supporting me throughout!!

I look forward to hopefully having another chance to head to Premier Model Management in the future to help their models look even better for their castings and shows.

Dr. Pradnya Apte of Skin Southwest, UK