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Article: How to Get Rid of Dry Winter Skin for a Dewy Glow

hydrating skincare for winter skin

How to Get Rid of Dry Winter Skin for a Dewy Glow

We have one more month until the ice thaws into spring blooms and light showers. But until you’re ready to put your parka in the storage closet, your skin should still be on high alert for the effects of low humidity, high chill, jabbing winds and drying indoor heat.

Here’s how to step up your winter skin game so you step into springtime with a fresh, dewy complexion.

1. Amp up the moisture during the day—without getting greasy

During the day, after cleansing, toning and applying your favorite serums, add a layer of moisturizer for extra protection and hydration before you slather on sunscreen.

IMAGE RECOMMENDS: VITAL C hydrating intense moisturizer

  • Aqualance™ and hyaluronic acid delivers a rush of hydration.
  • Shea butter creates an occlusive barrier to keep moisture in skin.
  • Palmitoyl oligopeptide helps support collagen.
  • Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, the most stable and fat-soluble form of vitamin C, and grape seed extract are powerful antioxidants that help defend skin from environmental aggressors.

2. Lock in moisture before you go to bed

In the evening, apply a thicker, richer cream to lock in moisture as you snooze. Your skin performs most of its reparative work as you sleep, so this step ensures your skin drinks up all the nutrients and hydration it can.

IMAGE RECOMMENDS: VITAL C hydrating repair crème

  • A 20% blend of vitamins A, C & E deliver triple-threat antioxidant and renewing power.
  • Ceramide 3 forms a protective barrier to reduce trans-epidermal water loss (evaporation that triggers dehydration).
  • Linoleic acid improves moisture and hydration.

IMAGE RECOMMENDS: AGELESS total pure hyaluronic filler

For an extra boost of hydration, mix in AGELESS total pure hyaluronic filler, which contains a substance that can hold a thousand times its own weight in water for plumped-up, softened skin.

3. Add a layer of oil on spots prone to dehydration

Unless you’re innately on one side of the extreme—either oily or dry—you might have areas that tend to get especially rough and flaky with dry patches, such as your forehead, nose or the region around your lips. After moisturizing, pat on a couple of drops of facial oil to supercharge moisture in the area while creating an extra-protective barrier against water loss.

IMAGE RECOMMENDS: VITAL C hydrating facial oil

  • Moringa oleifera seed oil quickly absorbs into skin and prevents water loss in the skin.
  • Seabuckthorn oil drenches skin in moisture with its high concentration of essential fatty acids.
  • Grape seed oil deeply nourishes even the most dry chapped skin while improving elasticity.
  • Argan oil hydrates and softens skin.
  • Sunflower and avocado oils help nourish and intensely condition skin.
  • Squalane, a natural substance found in the skin barrier, helps keep moisture in while restoring suppleness.

4. Apply a moisturizer containing broad-spectrum sunscreen

The UV rays penetrate clouds and windows no matter what the weather is, which means your skin is susceptible to the effects of aging any day of the year. For this reason, sunscreen is the most helpful preventative age-defying skincare product. The problem is that many sunscreens tend to dry out skin or make it appear chalky. During the winter, find a sunscreen that not only serves as a moisturizer but also features antioxidants to enhance its effectiveness.

IMAGE RECOMMENDS: PREVENTION+ daily hydrating moisturizer SPF 30+

  • 18% zinc oxide offers pure physical broad-spectrum sunscreen protection while a DNA Protection Complex protects skin from free radical damage.
  • Vitamin C and thiotaine provide antioxidant defense.
  • Aqualance Improves skin hydration

5. Envelop your face with a hydrating sheet mask every week

When it doubt or dryness, always rely on a mask! A sheet mask delivers hydration deeply into the skin by allowing the ingredients to penetrate in high concentration.

IMAGE RECOMMENDS: I MASK biomolecular hydrating recovery mask

  • Amino acid complex stimulates collagen and elastin and provide nutrients to the skin
  • Jeju volcanic oxygen water enhances hydration and improves penetration of moisturizing ingredients.
  • Onsen sui mineral charged water offers a remarkable moisturizing and detoxifying effect.
  • Ginseng, resveratrol and green tea are powerful antioxidants that reinforce the skin.
  • Portulaca oleracea extract is rich in moisturizing and ultra-soothing omega-3 fatty acids.

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