Sun Protection For Your Skin’s Individual Needs

Selecting the Sunscreen That's Right For You 

In this day and age, most of us have already heard about just how harmful the sun’s effects can be on our skin. Countless types of sunscreens are out there, sitting on store shelves, just waiting to be snatched up by the next concerned customer this coming summer.

And although we know about the benefits of wearing sunscreen, how can we pick the right one for our skin’s individual needs?

“Choosing can’t be so tough,” one may say in response. “They’re all the same in the end, right?”


There are those sunscreens out there that are made with harsh ingredients, completely ineffective towards the sun’s cruel effects. Oily, smelly and uncomfortable to wear, these products can change our optimistic outlook on the summertime and even cause us to dread soaking up any of that bright sunshine.

It’s important to know what’s really in our sunscreens and what these products are made of. With that, it’s also important that we can feel completely at ease and comfortable wearing them on our bodies.

prevention pure mineral sunscreen sprayThis is finally the summer when we can all feel truly comfortable knowing that there’s something out there that can cover all of us in real, individually pleasing, sun protection.


IMAGE Skincare’s PREVENTION+ Collection is full of anti-pollution sun care products that truly guard against the sun’s damaging effects. Safe for both adults and children, these products come with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and are made with botanical ingredients like agave leaf extract, jojoba oil, and goji berry, a powerful antioxidant.

With 2 brand new products just introduced, the PREVENTION+ Collection continues its mission to help aid an even wider range of individual skincare needs. Not all of us require the same exact type of sunscreen; some of us are athletic during the summertime, and some of us need consistent hydration for the driest of skin. Though finding the right product for our skin’s individual needs hasn’t been easy in the past, no one needs to settle for a “one size fits all” type of sunscreen. This alone plays a big part into why IMAGE Skincare’s PREVENTION+ Collection has introduced two new, groundbreaking anti-pollution products; the sport sunscreen spray and the pure mineral sunscreen spray.

prevention sport sunscreen sprayThe new PREVENTION+ sport sunscreen spray is just one of our many products that make sun protection feel good again. While many sunscreens can be hard to consistently wear for those of us who stay active in the summertime, this spray will provide those advanced anti-aging benefits during the most rigorous and demanding of outdoor sports activities. Its natural ingredients, made with plant stem cells, aid in making this sunscreen completely paraben free. This lightweight spray absorbs quickly, providing broad-spectrum SPF 50 protection for your skin.

For those of us with dry skin, the summer sun can truly cause a major toll on our bodies. Flakiness, sensitivity, discomfort; they all come with the sun’s damaging effects. The new PREVENTION+ pure mineral sunscreen spray can change how those with dehydrated skin feel about being in the sun. Offering incredible skin benefits, this spray actually nourishes and hydrates skin without leaving a heavy, greasy feel behind. With a light, weightless finish, this sunscreen simply glides on, so your skin can feel completely comfortable with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection to help prevent sunburn.

These chemical-free sunscreens are just two of the incredible sunscreen products in IMAGE Skincare’s new PREVENTION+ Collection. So, if you’re tired of dreading sunscreen application during the summertime, give these new sunscreens a try, and positively change your entire outlook this summer!


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